Tuesday, May 12, 2009

It's The Little Things That Count 

No, I haven't been blogging. So, what has been going on here. A series of ailments to tedious to discuss and the ongoing task of downsizing. UPS has been busy lately hauling things away to new homes and I've found an AMVETS thrift store that will swing by and carry away away a box now and then.

The most encouraging progress seems rather trivial in some respects but (1) I now have a table reassembled and available as workspace. What a lovely luxury after spending several years without that amenity. And, (2) I have found a Chinese restaurant that delivers. Perhaps not gourmet Chinese but it comes hot, well packaged and reasonably priced. A real step up for a person who doesn't get out to restaurants and is not the biggest pizza fan in the world.


table good - time to stitch better :)
just got the first white peaches of the year -- all that juicy goodness! it is the little things. hugs
We're working on the downsizing/cleaning out around here but it is going much too slowly. One of these days I'll have a crafting table available- can't wait!
We've been spring cleaning too, found part of the dining room table. It's really an organizational tool, right :)?
Good to 'see' you here.
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