Sunday, August 30, 2009

Christmas Coming Earlier 

I was in Hobby Lobby today. Not shopping but browsing for inspiration. They had most or all of their Christmas merchandise out already.

Amongst all of the glam and glitter they had a large selection of photoframe ornaments. They are an attractive size for mounting needlework for your favorite tree this year. Also picked up some free tip sheets on various techniques.

The holiday catalogs are also arriving. The mailing list folks are sadly mistaken if they think I will order, but they certainly point out trends. It seems watches with fabric bands are very popular this year so why not mount that inexpensive watch on a grosgrain or beaded or canvasworked band. Jewelery findings should yield fasteners/clasps for the projects.

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Thank you for doing the cruise through the catalogues! I like the idea of a watchband. *dons thinking cap*

Speaking of catalogues: I picked up the one from Wien Museum for you on Wednesday. It's safely packed int he gift suitcase. MJ
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