Saturday, August 22, 2009

Indian Embroidery Anyone? 

India Club caters to a large Indian community residing in the US as well as those fascinated by Indian culture(s).

If you do a little keyword search from the homepage for "embroidery" you will turn up some books not on the shelves of your local book megastore.

BUT, if you don't watch out you will drift over to the cookery section and after about 1.5 minutes run to the kitchen and get out the tandori spices, the garum masalla, and yogurt. You'll frantically chop cilantro and late season cucumbers - you get the picture.

They have a large section of vegetarian cookbooks which is not unexpected considering how many Indians are vegetarian.

I've not ordered from them so I can't speak as to their level of service, but I'm very tempted by more than one book

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