Sunday, August 16, 2009

Like Beading? Like Freebies? 

Then GO TO Beading Daily for heaps and heaps of free projects including an opportunity to download one of Interweave Press' booklets of 5 beaded earring designs.Be careful, you could get lost in the Land of Beads and need to send for help.

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Hi, Linn!!!

I am NOT going to check out your link- I need another interest like the proverbial hole-in-the-head!

Just wanted to say that it is GREAT to see you posting again regularly. I missed your humor and information.

I hope you'll keep posting for all of us.

Take care!

I signed up with Beading Daily a few months ago. It is dangerous. There's always soooo much that I want to do. (sigh)

I have lots and lots of beading inventory that I need to use up. But I still don't seem to have all the components for things I want to make at the time. lol
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