Saturday, August 15, 2009

Look Upward 

I continue to discover new and delightful things about Nashville. The other day when traveling through a neighborhood I'd not before visited, I was charmed by a sort of architectural flourish.

In California (home of a good many craftsman style buildings) a sort of varient on the craftsman bungalow exists that adds a Chinese influenced roof to the occasional building. The roof itself is typically red tile (of the Spanish revival sort) but I have also seen blue ceramic tiles. The roofs are not flat but rather gabled and the roof ridges sport the scrollwork found atop Chinese temples.

In Nashville I ran across the bungalow's Southern shirt tail kin. Namely craftsman bungalow with typical shingle siding, but with grey asphalt roof shingles and exuberant red Chinese roof ridge decorations. I'm unsure but it seemed to me that the oriental gingerbread was wooden, but it will require further investigation and hopefully a chance to photograph some examples.

Are there any examples in your neighborhood? I would be quite interested in knowing about them, if so.

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