Wednesday, August 12, 2009

Oh Gosh! The Hospital Monster Got Me!! 

I do feel better now however. Boring details include a trip to my regular clinic for a followup appointment a week ago last Monday and a trip to the ER from the clinic via ambulance (no lights or siren kiddos).

We have emerged lighter on the other side and am home today having shed right about 2 Gal. of fluid from our chest cavity thanks to 4 thoracentisis jabs, 4 CT Scans, 2 Ultrasounds, 1 Echocardiogram, various other nasty tests (unmentionable in public), two units of whole blood and dozens of holes left by the blood-letting phlebotomy vampires.

I'll be able to do weight training with all the new bottles of pills and nostrums I brought home with me, but gosh breathing is fun and having a bit of energy is a high not to be duplicated. All the medical type folks consider me quite a mystery though and we still don't know for sure how I wound up in that condition.

So here's promising (fingers crossed) no more nasty medical reports and only needlework nonsense. Watch this space.



WOW- seems like you had a real scare. I hope it will encourage you to take what's in those bottles and take better care of yourself.

The needlework world needs you!
Wow! Glad you are okay. That must have been very scary.
Gosh! Linn I am pleased you are OK - I must admit to wondering. I hope you get well and strong - take care
{{{{hugs}}}}}} I was beginning to wonder when I hadn't heard from you in ages. Glad you are doing -- better - I hope. Your name was bandied about in Alaska and now with the ATC talk on EGA National list.... Glad to have you back! Hope your b'day month keeps getting better.
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