Monday, October 12, 2009


My friend Andrea (Giggles to some of us) posted a comment that took me right down memory lane. The past few years have caused me to curb my travel and a good deal of physical activity but oh boy the memories of my golden years are nothing short of glorious.

Not only do I remember blackwork stitching with Steve in their Starbeck living room, but I remember the many arrivals on the local train at twilight time, pulling the old battered suitcase along the street to their front door and being enveloped by friends, kidlets, pets, aromas, chatter, news, hugs and eventually an arm-in-arm walk out to the shops with Andrea. This was the time away from family and fuss when we could exchange confidences, encourage each other and generally feel as if we had not lost a minute's time apart. The shops meant last minute purchases of this and that and of course sweeties for the kids. This is why a blackwork pattern in one of my books is named Starbeck because it looks like candies tossed from above.

Not only did Andrea and Steve share a love of stitching with me, they shared their family life with me. Who else would give me a Yorkshire Pudding lesson and a well-seasoned pudding pan from her own cupboard. And yes Andrea, it is still with me. None of the moves have dislodged it from my collection.

I'm hoping the golden years come about again, but if not, nothing can erase my golden memories.


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