Tuesday, November 03, 2009

Back Again - With a Beautiful Catalog 

Back at the keyboard my friends and readers. During the past few days I've been luxuriating in a beautiful catalog from the Wien Museum that accompanied their exhibit titled "Grosser Auftritt - Mode der Ringstrassenzeit" ISBN: 978-3-85033-354-2

The Ringstrasse Era was Vienna's Belle Epoque - that unreal, royalty ridden, mauvey twilight sort of period from the 1860's to 1910 or thereabouts. Consumer society was found in abundance and haute couture was covered in lace, embroidery, beads and composed of beautifully manipulated fabrics fitted to a hair's span.

The photographs are outstanding and offer heaps of detail. Yes, it is in German and required my dictionary readily at hand but it is well worth costumers and embroiderers owning a copy or at least having their local library obtain it for inter-library loan.

Thank you MJ for this delicious book.

Meanwhile, I think many of us are sentimentally drawn to this era of embroidery (and even quilting). See Sharon B's plans for a heap of lace if you want to get into the mood as well.


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My pleasure. Linn. I'm just getting into the books you sent me. I will really enjoy them.

The exhibit was very worth seeing. It is still on until November 22. Poor me had to go through it a second time because of getting your copy of the catalogue.

Did you find the dress I would really have loved to wear for Edward and Angie's wedding? Black with a wide lace collar worked in a combination of different types of lace. OK, it was a mother of the BRIDE dress, but I am sure it would also do for the mother of the Groom.

BTW if you have any problems, I am also quite useful at translating if the dictionary fails. MJ
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