Saturday, November 07, 2009

I Wonder 

I've been reading a bit lately on the various insects used as dyes in the ancient world and wonder if I could dye anything with a mash of our local ladybugs.

We are in the ladybug invasion season and I detest the miserable little beasts. I vacuum them up daily, swat them, blow them out of my keyboard and off my lamps and generally curse them soundly. I think I could easily gather enough to make a trial of the thought. Anybody used ladybugs as a colorant? If so would you share your experience?

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Someone on the Yahoo natural dyers list tried this a few years ago and didn't get any color.

I love lady bugs - perhaps they are not the same in Australia - but any insect that does not actually bite me I am happy with. Too many insects in Oz like to munch - wish they produced a decent colour!
Haven't a clue where in the world you are but I must say that at least ladybugs are quiet, how would you like to be driven nuts by the sound of crickets, sigh?

I do have an answer for you, it worked to get rid of the crickets for me, get some duct tape, tear off several pieces the width of your door frames (and anywhere else you think they are getting in, and lay it sticky side UP in the places they are getting in. They get stuck on it and die, without poisons, and you are rid of a pest. BarbM
I wish you could send me your ladybugs. They eat aphids! Very useful in the garden.

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