Saturday, March 27, 2010

Oh for those Carefree Early Days 

I've been hibernating a good deal lately and watching some Old Old Old television. There were times during the 60's and 70's when I had no TV so I'm catching up on old series. Been going through several years worth of Quincy and Kojak.

Of course immediately one notices our current progress in technology. Those poor cops/scientists who had to stop and use public telephones to communicate with their office, the lack of DNA studies to use in investigation, etc.

But the costuming, colors and concepts of decor are pretty astounding. Of course lots of burnt Sienna shag carpet, avocado green, ORANGE to the max and roccoco brocades.

If one wanted to design a set for corporate offices, expensive restaurants or rich, manly dens then dark wood paneling was required. Rich homes needed the Louis 14-16 flourishes with heaps of Mdm Pompadour blue, white and gold prevailing. Pelmets and pinch headed drapes were IN to the max and beneath a fall of hair or a beehive one found the beginnings of the "little black dress", lounge pajamas, fussy under garments and sleep wear.

We won't mention the constant smoking and drinking in the storylines of productions. A real look at social history. I look at it also as an education to improve my playing of Trivial Pursuit. I've always been very weak in the TV department of that game.

Onward to doing more research.

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