Monday, March 29, 2010

Run, Don't Walk 

Hurry off to your local library or favorite book purchasing resource to get a copy of World Textiles, A Concise History by Mary Schoeser.ISBN 0-500-20369-5

This volume is by an author with sound academic credentials AND a very readable writing style. It contains what amount to a series of essays on textile history. Each of the 10 essays can well stand alone for a comfortable study of the subject covered. It is profusely illustrated with many examples I've not seen in other publications and following up on Ms. Schoeser's bibliography could take hours of pleasant study. The illustrations are listed as to source for those wanting to have a look at the originals or to explore a museum heretofore unknown to the reader.

Ms. Schoeser has written further on textile subjects, so now I think I'll have to make a library trip to find additional titles.

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Ah! The author of The Watts book of embroidery : English church embroidery, 1833-1953 A lovely book, one I bought (at Watts) on one of those Ally Pally trips.

I may just have to indulge in this one, too.

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