Saturday, June 19, 2010

Don't forget the men 

Here in the US we celebrate Father's Day tomorrow. I've taken a little time to think about the men in my life and am rather amazed at the number of skills I learned from them. I was fortunate in growing up in a small town and spent a lot of time with a father, grandfather, step-grandfather, an uncle, and two great uncles.

I came up with a quick list of things they taught me including:

How to ride a bike, garden, practical carpentry, work crosswords, whistle, tie my shoes,
ride a horse, make ice-cream, read a racing form and handicap dog/horse race; play
croquet, roll a bedroll, sharpen a knife, make sauerkraut, umpire a baseball game and
keep score, fish, climb a tree, read a map, draw a beer from a tap and pour it from
a bottle, chalk a pool cue, replace a broken pane of glass, call a pig, mend
harness, use a clutch, scoop poop, bathe a dog, pull porcupine quills, play poker,
play checkers, obedience train a dog, and blow bubble gum bubbles.

I'm sure the list is not complete, but I'll not forget the men in my life and their contributions to my abilities and just plain fun.


Hi, Linn!!!

My year of hell is over and I am back to blogging and reading all my favorite blogs- which, of course, includes yours.

I really enjoyed reading this post about the men in your life. It reminded me of so many things in my own life.

Hope you are well and busy stitching and studying. I look forward to being able to pick up a needle again soon.
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