Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Things More Under Control 

Some of you may have heard about our recent flood here in the Nashville area. Thankfully my home was not inundated except for rain overflow into our lowest level BUT many of our essential services went wacky as their mail yards, warehouses, sorting stations etc were soon under water and are still not rebuilt and restored.

Internet service has been sporadic but seems to be stable now. Telephones ditto. I still have no reliable cable TV reception though.

My main efforts and time have been spent trying to get 55 families in a nearby neighborhood outfitted with clothing, furniture, household equipment and food. They have been relocated but had absolutely nothing after the flood. Many of their homes were simple washed downstream on the mighty Cumberland River or are filled with muck that cannot be dealt with.

S0 into the closet for the clothes that don't fit, box up the glasses we've had around since college and don't even like anymore, dozens of souvenier coffee mugs I've collected over the years - you get the picture. I've been helping sort and coordinate the contributions of the 200+ residents here. It makes sense to send sorted stuff to the school where it is being distributed rather that just to throw it all in a plastic bag for the workers there to face organizing it.

So apologies to all those who I may seem to have ignored recently. It will take years for any sort of recovery for these families but they and the hundreds of others affected will hopefully eventually build a new life.

A valiant effort by all involved! I don't think any of us will complain that your time has been spent on people in need of support rather than here on the blog..
Wonderful of you, Linn!!!
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