Tuesday, February 27, 2007

Peek-A-Boo, I See You 

One of the interesting things about the stats program I use to track a few things about my blog is the ability to see what site prompted a visitor to read my blog. It is always interesting to see who has linked to the blog and quite often I find pleasant surprises.

Who could resist a follow up when I saw a visitor had come from a site named Stitching With A Shimmy

It was not until I clicked through to the blog that I realized it was my old friend Romilly who had entered the blogging world. Romilly and I first met in Southern California many a moon ago and I was privileged to sell some of her designs for awhile. Then she moved East and now I've moved East and now we're both blogging and I don't want to lose track of her again.

Romilly can stitch the most exquisite modern Dresden Work I have seen. I hope her recent mishap to an arm doesn't slow her stitching down (or her belly dancing).

She says she hasn't a sense of humor. I never noticed any lack in that department but read her blog and you be the judge.

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