Friday, February 13, 2009

News of Friends 

One of the things I missed the most whilst flattened and floored was news of friends but sitting at the computer was simply beyond my abilities.

One blog I missed greatly was that of Sharon B -- now Pin Tangle rather than In A Minute Ago. Sometimes I think Sharon delights in making this poor old brain of mine learn new turns and directions. I just get comfy with her blog and she shakes it all up like a tin of vintage buttons and tips out a brand new arrangement to delight and confuse me. So a link to Pin Tangle is now a part of my blog and in the next few days I'll take a look at other old favorites and make sure they're correctly tagged for your edification.

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Pin Tangle is also one of my favorites- in fact I just featured it yesterday on my blog!
Thanks for the link I appreciate it and it helps to spread the news a little
.... and I am pleased to be able to shake that tin
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