Monday, May 25, 2009

Bits and Bobs, Oh My 

Once in a blue moon a museum mounts a very specialized exhibit centered on a rather narrow family of textiles.

In 1973 the Musee des Arts Decoratifs assembled from their extensive collection an exhibit comprised of 506 braids, fringes, tassels, decorative motifs and every other sort of opulant decorative excess the French so adore and at which they excell in production and application.

The catalog of the exhibit is both eye candy and an excellent reference. It is mostly illustrated with black and white plates of such a crisp resolution that they are still a delight. The color plates are of the same quality. There is a glossary and illustrations of various tassel molds and the descriptions of the examples as well as all of the text is in French. The examples extend from a few dated 16th century to contemporary wonders.

There are copies of the catalog to be found on a used book search (I used http:/www.addall.com) in various prices. It can be found by title des Dorelotiers aux Passementiers.

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Monday, May 18, 2009

Swimming Through History 

I'm often on my soapbox about becoming involved in the culture and historic timeline surrounding the textiles we examine, discuss and struggle to understand.

Sooooooooo currently I'm reading Geoffrey Barraclough's The Origins of Modern Germany . This survey study covers the period 800-1939 CE.

My head is swimming folks. I'm feeling as if I'm watching a synchronized swimming event. The participants seem to be swimming together, touching, in distinct patterns but then they separate only to form new clusters and groups and come together again in different patterns.

Confusing yes, but fascinating. My historic atlas of Europe is getting a thorough workout as well.


I love history- loved my high school and college classes and love reading it.

My two favorite history classes ever were "Napolean" taught by the amazing Professor Bonfils when I was a student at the University of Fribourg in Switzerland, and my high school Modern(Post-renaissance) European history class taught by Mrs. Sullivan. Both of them were such sweeping epcis covering so many countries and the interactions were fascinating to discover.
sounds like a Will book :)
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Friday, May 15, 2009

Before AC 

It's getting warm enough here that if I didn't have air conditioning, I would be setting aside any wool fibers or bulky projects.

Just as we used to eat foodstuffs in season, we used to put down unseasonable knitting, crochet, quilting, stitchery or crafts of any sort during the height of winter or summer.

In warm humid months wool yarns and fabrics tended to make us cranky. In the winter months, they brought us comfort and an extra cuddle and comfort. Nowadays we have lost that very real sense of time passing and indulge in any sort of project any time of year. Well, except for those who live surrounded by "real weather."


There's nothing like getting stuck to embroidery bibs and bobs, coz *everything* is sticky

Megan, Australia, no air conditioner!
No A/C in this house except the bedrooms- so all the wool still gets put away for the summer.

Good to see you posting again!
ahhh but you have some cotton and some soy for knitting - not so hot as wool and still something for the hands. don't think I'm taking my wool spinning since it is supposed to be 85+ next weekend -- hugs
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Pfooey on Faux 

When you see me on a soapbox railing against faux paint finishes for walls and chairs and tables (let alone crackle which has crept back) you know I've been watching too much interior design TV.

I thought we left some of that creepy stuff behind in the 60's but apparently it has been lying dormant and we now have a resurgent epidemic.

The only faux technique I've ever admired was some of the 18th/19th century imitation flame grain created on early American furniture.

Best faux finish I've spotted to date. The Mormon Tabernacle in Salt Lake City. It belongs, it works and it is well done.

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Tuesday, May 12, 2009

It's The Little Things That Count 

No, I haven't been blogging. So, what has been going on here. A series of ailments to tedious to discuss and the ongoing task of downsizing. UPS has been busy lately hauling things away to new homes and I've found an AMVETS thrift store that will swing by and carry away away a box now and then.

The most encouraging progress seems rather trivial in some respects but (1) I now have a table reassembled and available as workspace. What a lovely luxury after spending several years without that amenity. And, (2) I have found a Chinese restaurant that delivers. Perhaps not gourmet Chinese but it comes hot, well packaged and reasonably priced. A real step up for a person who doesn't get out to restaurants and is not the biggest pizza fan in the world.


table good - time to stitch better :)
just got the first white peaches of the year -- all that juicy goodness! it is the little things. hugs
We're working on the downsizing/cleaning out around here but it is going much too slowly. One of these days I'll have a crafting table available- can't wait!
We've been spring cleaning too, found part of the dining room table. It's really an organizational tool, right :)?
Good to 'see' you here.
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