Thursday, November 29, 2007

It's About Time 

It's about time more instructions, products, etc. were available in languages other than English. Yes, each culture publishes needlework offerings in their own language, but often non-English speaking stitchers wish they had more access to instructions that made sense to them.

Kreinik now offers their free projects and charts in Spanish. Well done Doug.

More on the last days of the westcoast visit tomorrow. Home and deep in the throes of laundry at the moment folks.

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Monday, November 26, 2007

Merlin Would Have Loved It 

Or Not! The Trans Siberian Orchestra concert the other night was magic of the most intense sort. Lights, pyrotechnics, snow, dancing lighting gantrys and transfiguration of all sorts of musical memories.

A great show - non-stop.

Then Saturday a nice, clever group of women taking on beginning goldwork techniques. It was a delight to have a group that included costumers, sampler lovers, SCA and EGA members as well as those who were merely curious about this sort of embroidery. They all worked very hard and accomplished a lot. I hope they continue to try out some of the metal threads in the future.


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Tuesday, November 20, 2007

ATC Photos 

Toddle on over to Robin Berry's blog to see some of the ATC's she worked on in class the other day.

They are a lot of fun and it is so nice to have a project finished so quickly. Not always something that happens when you work with fibers and fabrics.

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Monday, November 19, 2007

What a Lovely Holiday 

I'm spoiled in a big way here at Robin's. What a feast the other night with some of their historic friends. The costuming was stunning and boy can those folks cook. Good conversation, good food, eye candy all around - what more could be wanted.

ATC class was super. Folks fell in love with some German designer off cuts I had along. They layered beautifully. Another big hit was the Kreinik Iron On Threads. They added a lot of easy glam to the cards. I hope someone else wants an ATC class in the future because it is sooooo much fun and you can turn out a real handful of FINISHED projects in a day.

Today is lunch out and then more stitching on stitch samples for Friday's class. The Victorians named many stitches differently than we do today. It's no wonder there is some confusion in the stitch world. The stitches I will be demo'ing are from a 1900 Brainard & Armstrong embroidery instruction booklet and some of them are familiar, some fairly familiar and some pretty unknown or unused by us today.

More in the next few days.

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Saturday, November 17, 2007

California, Here I Am 

Well gentle readers, I'm back in the state I called home for many years and it really does feel comfortable.

A trip to the markets to look at the beautiful produce here has me wanting to dance down the aisles twirling a shopping cart. How big, how plump, how fresh, how colorful and SUCH variety. Don't get me wrong - I really adore my new state but wish we had better truck gardening there.

Off to teach ATC class tomorrow. Robin and I sorted out all the various goodies we will be using in class and gosh I think we are going to have heaps of fun. We're going to try out, amongst other things, the Kreinik iron on fibers I've had sitting around for ages unused. Watch this space for a complete report.

Then off feasting tomorrow evening. Historic garb all pressed and at the ready.

Off to bed now - big big day tomorrow.



Love your website! Have a happy feast day tomorrow, Best wishes, Janet in British Columbia

PS Time for me to try something beyond cross-stitching!
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Tuesday, November 13, 2007

Go Forth and Shop 

Until it appeared in their holiday catalog I couldn't let you know that Keepsake NeedleArts are now carrying another of my books 20th Century Sampler Motifs by The Jenny Brooks Company."

And Nordic Needle now have my two latest books in their catalog.

Your local shop can order any of the Nordic Needle offerings using their NN wholesale account or they can order them from me. So put them on your wishlist folks.

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Monday, November 12, 2007

The Season has Turned 

How do I know it is now officially fall? Not by the change of time or the calendar.

Last night was my first night in 2007 under The Winter Quilt. Now you understand this is not a pretty-pretty frou-frou quilt. It is as heavy as a horse blanket meant for Vermont. It has all sorts of bits of pieced blocks made from discarded wool clothing, is filled with a wool blanket and backed by striped grey heavy-duty flannel.

Maybe I should call it my Go To Meeting Quilt. I know my great grandmother who pieced it and assembled it used family member's clothing scraps and the unworn parts of their church/funeral going-to-town clothes to make it.

I wish I could tell her how much it is appreciated, how well it's worn and how I think of her when I snuggle into it.

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Sunday, November 11, 2007

Off to see the good, kind witch 

I've been a little quiet lately as I put some hours in preparing for my great West Coast Adventure. I need to be prepared for 4 different teaching experiences, but the best of the trip is the opportunity to spend time with my friends Robin and Will. I love visiting a home where one can get up or go to bed when one pleases and nobody seems offended, where you can toddle over to a cupboard and make yourself a dish of instant oatmeal for breakfast, or swipe a slice left over from last night's get together.

A home where nobody feels they have to entertain you but just allows you to take in the pleasurable aura of your presence and have some good food, some great conversation and feel comfortable doing nothing at all that might be deemed socially responsible. In my day that was known as "hanging out together". I have no idea what the present preferred phrase is, but you get the picture.

So three more days of prep time to do the last minute of tweaks on stitching stuff to take with me, put some clean clothes in the suitcase, cancel delivery of the newspaper and hit the road again.


We are looking forward to your coming. The room is ready and waiting -- even kitty cat approved.
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Saturday, November 03, 2007

A Little Elizabethean Eye Candy 

Isn't embroidery wonderful? You get to admire really beautiful STUFF!!!

Here are a few bits for you - or in TNspeak y'all.

David Claudon's Elizabeth I Transformations remind us that paper dolls are not new. Is anything really new under the sun. We merely re-interpret don't we?

For a comprehensive look at images of Elizabeth I, lose yourself in this portrait page.

Thanks to Racaire I spent far too much time pouring over images of early gloves posted by Katherina.


I am also very thankful that she started a blog recently and shows her work and research now at the i-net :)
I had the most enjoyable Sunday morning sipping coffee, looking over the portraits of Elizabeth I and reading about her life. Thanks for the links and your post. Melinda
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Thursday, November 01, 2007

It's a Mystery 

Many in the crafting/hobby world have become avid readers of mystery novels based on characters in the crafting industry.

Writers have bonded together to blog at Killer Hobbies

They write "We are six mystery writers who are dying to discuss the hobbies that drove us to murder."

The writer/bloggers include: Joanna Campbell Slan, Scrapbooking; Deb Baker, Doll Collecting; Monica Ferris, Needlework; Linda O. Johnston, Pets; Kathryn Lilley, Diet & Exercise; and Camille Minichino/Margaret Grace, Miniatures.

Monica Ferris (also known for her SCA themed novels) also maintains a modest webpage.

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oh how creative [and clever].
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