Sunday, October 10, 2004


Home again and off to bed after one of those 11 hour flights. More when I've caught up a bit.

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Friday, October 08, 2004


Not really. It's much too big to conquer. Some new and lovely bits and lots of old favorites. Got to say hello to lots of folks and old friends. Got out the doors for less than 25 pounds. Two books from Felicity Warnes, a reel of hand dyed silk from South Africa and a teeny tiny purse frame for a silk gauze purse. A nice hello from L. Elvin of the RSN and Liz at the Classic Stitches booth.

Today it was back to the V&A and tomorrow Portobello Road, Museum of Childhood, Covent Garden and farewell dinner. Then home and back to the ordinary world again.

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Tuesday, October 05, 2004


London is always a walking experience but today was a real dash from place to place. I seemed to have worn a good many of the ladies out by 2:30 p.m. though. They did plead theater tickets tonight however and I don't blame them for wanting a little rest before exposing themselves to Michael Crawford and a trained white rat.

We started the day at Benton & Johnson where Kathy graciously spent time showing us all their lovely thread (both precious and popular) and the nice gentlemen in the Masonic Department pulled out some outstanding examples of Masonic regalia with incredible goldwork and fine examples of use of huge bullions as fringes.

Then it was on to Charing Cross Road for a bookfest and
a bite of lunch on the run. And then on to Watts & Co. for a look at their beautiful fabrics and trims. They took us into their workrooms and showed us a recently restored altar frontal from Magdalen College Oxford. It was indeed, I'm sure their best set. It was lovely. Ditto a black array made up with brocade specially commissioned by a customer.

Then onward to the Tate to check out the Tudor portraits. I always see something new when I revisit those old favorites of mine.

Tomorrow it is back to the V&A and tea at Harrods. Watch this space for the next report.

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Monday, October 04, 2004


Sorry but I seem to be too busy living to blog! Off to Harrogate and Kendal on the weekend. Harrogate was super. Bigger than the last time I was there. Innovative work by students and the YEG. Fibers to die for. AND a visit with Su and a look at her newest creations. After an afternoon at Betty's off to rest up for a 4 train journey to Kendal where we were received very hospitably by two volunteer staffer sisters from NZ. One of them had helped stitch the NZ panel of the Quaker Tapestry.

Back to London to greet our tour participants on Sunday and then off to the V&A all day today.

More soon but I have to rest up for shopping at Benton & Johnson and Watts & Co. tomorrow.

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