Saturday, January 02, 2010

Bugs and Whatzits 

Well the ladybug population has much decreased but they left me thinking!!!

As I scrambled to keep them out of drink cups and food I was reminded of the very useful little thingies I saw on a visit to Australia. Those folks are blessed (?) with an abundant supply of critters who want their food and drinks. They developed a handy answer by using a crocheted doily sort of lace weighted at the edges by decorative beads and bobs to hold the fabric close to the container.

Now what a good use this would be for all those doilies you've not been able to discard 'cause grandma made them. Just add some beads and/or heavy charms and put them to good use. If you are plagued by teeny, tiny gnats or midges why not get out the vintage hankies, add some weights to their edges and show them off.

Now I'm off to see if I have some ladybug charms or buttons to use. Maybe BIG ladybugs will frighten away the little ones.


I have a couple of ones that I use for outdoor activities :) The key is to not put anything heavy in the middle - only on the outside edges.

Have a great, and hopefully, less buggy 2010
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